December 30, 2011

Begin at the beginning...

Christmas 2011 found me to be a VERY happy girl, as my husband Jeff bought me with a dollhouse kit. Now, I've decorated room boxes before, but I've never had the opportunity to do an entire house... I'll admit, once I was sitting at home, looking at the box, I was a more then a little daunted- this project is going to be HUGE!

Seriously- here's a picture from the front of the box (the kit is called 'Victoria's Farmhouse'). The miscellaneous small child should give us an idea of the scale. (The actual scale, in case you're curious, is 1:12).

So... Where to begin? The directions were a baffling array of terminology and blueprints that convinced me that I could as easily build a full-sized house as this miniature version. Oh- and none of the pieces were labeled... which gave me a place to begin.

December 28th I spent three hours and finally had some sense of what I was dealing with (and this picture shows maybe a third of the pieces). I also ran out of post-it notes.

So, dear friends, this is where the journey starts. Like Alice discovered in Wonderland, the best way to do anything is to "begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop."

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